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We have plenty to offer!

  • Varied gastronomy for all kinds of events in all price categories.
  • High-level seminars, meetings and training courses are our strength. All our rooms have been renovated and are equipped with state-of-the-art presentation technology, providing the perfect framework for successful training sessions and business meetings.
  • We organise banquets of all sizes with great care, attention and imagination.
  • Our restaurant is an ideal meeting place and perfect for enjoying a delicious meal in quiet and relaxing surroundings.


As home to one of the largest train junction stations in Switzerland, Olten is renowned as a railway town. It therefore comes as no surprise that the Restaurant Buffet Olten can be reached by train from all corners of Switzerland in no time at all.

  • Zurich–Olten: 35 minutes
  • Basel–Olten: 29 minutes
  • Lucerne–Olten: 38 minutes
  • Berne–Olten: 31 minutes
  • Geneva–Olten: 2 hours, 5 minutes
  • Chur–Olten: 1 hour, 56 minutes

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 Nach:  Olten, Bahnhof
 Datum:  20.05.15

By car

The Restaurant Buffet Olten can also be easily and quickly reached from all directions by car via the A1 motorway St. Gallen–Zurich–Berne–Lausanne. Take the Rothrist/Olten exit.

Parking: Multi-storey car park at Neuhardstrasse, just a three-minute walk from the railway station

Historical facts & figures

  • The Olten railway station building was inaugurated in 1856. The Buffet Olten was housed here from the very beginning!
  • Numerous Swiss organisations were founded at meetings held at Olten Railway Station – most of them probably at the Bahnhofbuffet. They include the Swiss Alpine Club SAC in 1863, the Swiss Football and Athletics Association in 1895, the Swiss Ski Association in 1904, and the Swiss Engineering Association STV in 1919.
  • Before the metre was introduced in 1877, the length of journey was used as the unit of measurement for railway routes. Olten served as the starting point for measuring the distances. An inscribed stone commemorates the fact that Olten was originally “kilometre zero” for the Swiss railway network.


Culture plays an important role in Olten. The town is home to various museums, three theatres and countless small stages. Particularly worthwhile is a guided tour through the fascinating Old Town or to the Hexenturm (witches’ tower) – something, incidentally, that can be perfectly combined with a leisurely shopping spree.

Olten is also an ideal departure point for adventurous excursions – such as a mountain bike tour over the Jura foothills, or a hike to one of the castles or ruins in the region.

Sports lovers will find a wide range of facilities practically right on their doorstep, both in summer and in winter: swimming pools, golf and mini-golf courses, fitness and wellness, a Vita fitness trail, a curling hall, ice-skating rinks, a ski lift, a cross-country ski trail, and much more besides.


The Restaurant-Buffet Olten is situated between Platforms 4 and 7, near to the SBB ticket counter.

              Map of Olten Railway Station

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